NFWare Virtual
Load Balancer

The industry's fastest software Load Balancer designed for high-loaded deployments

- Software-based solution that runs on standard x86 servers
- High-Performance, up to 40M CPS
- Designed for virtual and cloud environments
NFWare Virtual Load Balancer is a next-gen software load balancer that significantly decreases network loads and prevents harmful DDoS-attacks. It demonstrates high performance while running on standard x86 servers. The speed ensures optimal hardware utilization, critical for high-load deployments. The NFWare Load Balancer could be easily integrated into any virtual and cloud infrastructure, or run as bare-metal.
240 Gbps

240 Gbps per VM - the fastest performance
among all existing solutions

40M CPS per VM, capable of being used for the most high-loaded deployments

10-20 times decrease in hardware utilization due to high-performance nature

Balance traffic faster on less hardware

A new way to build efficient networks in response to exponential traffic growth
Starting from scratch, we redefined the architecture for NFWare solution to design a high-performance software product that can handle the world's busiest websites.

Meet the fastest software network load balancer that provides reliable and sophisticated load balancing capabilities, can process a huge amount of traffic, and enables an ultimate economy due to the software's nature.
Performance and Scalability
NFWare Virtual Load Balancer demonstrates the worlds' highest performance: 40M CPS per one virtual machine. It provides linear scalability for more than 20 vCPU.
DDoS-Protection and Security
Achieve security protection with the use of multiple techniques such as SYN cookie, advanced connection live-time control, and drop entry mechanisms.
Long-Term Technical Support
Unlike software-based open source load balancers, NFWare provides long-term technical support according to industry standard's SLAs.
The solution supports IPVSADM - Linux Virtual Server administration. Replace IPVS with NFWare with no integration issues.
We decided to deploy the NFWare product for load balancing. This made possible to increase the system's efficiency in dozens of times"
— Deputy CTO of social network, Mail.Ru Group

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