The World's Fastest
Network Functions Virtualization

The World's Fastest
Network Functions Virtualization

What we do

NFWare develops the world's fastest virtualized IP routing software for carriers' networks, data centers, and corporations. Our technology allows the processing of hundreds of gigabits of traffic at the speed of hardware, but runs on standard x86 servers in NFV and Cloud environments. We help companies build networks with the flexibility and scalability that they need to be ready for 5G, the IoT and the future of the digital world.

The world's fastest advanced load balancing solution for any business.
Outstanding performance solution for extending IPv4 connectivity.
Our Next-gen Solutions
The easiest way to regulate
access to restricted websites.

Why it is so special

Better Perfomance
Created through our scientific approach to technological development, it can make your network up to 40 times faster, running on the resources you already have.
Ultimate Economy
Deployment on standard x86 servers gives you the best combination of price and quality, removing the need for costly hardware maintenance even if used with open-source, free software.
Fast Time-to-Market
While others take months to launch a new service, you'll be able to do it in a few days. NFWare Virtual solutions are flexible and scalable; ready to help your next big idea take shape.
Selected Partners and Customers Group
Hewlett Packard
Featured Content

NFWare in LightReading Article

Light Reading, the leading telecomunications industry media
site, talks to Alexander Britkin, CEO of NFWare, about the company,
the challenges of the market and his views on NFV startups.
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Telefónica and NFWare successfully complete tests in the NFV Reference Lab. The NFWare vCGNAT achieved 40 Gbps on the Intel Xeon processor based server while deployed as a Virtual Machine, and supported the server's available ports.
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Success Case

Technavio, leading market research company with global coverage,
noted NFWare in Global NFV Market Report 2016-2020
among Top-50 of prominent industry vendors.
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TOP 50 NFV vendors
Light Reading
Finalist of CableLabs Innovation Showcase 2016 aimed to find the most innovative network solutions
Winner of ChallengeUP! competition
organized by Intel, Cisco and
Deutsche Telecom
Winner of #Telecomidea competition organized by MTS,
Russia's leading telecom provider
Awards Winning Company
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