NFWare Virtual
Carrier Grade NAT

Share one IPv4 address among more than 128 subscribers

- Software-based solution that runs on standard x86 servers
- High-Performance, up to 370 Gbps
- Easy to deploy and use from day one

Extend IPv4 connectivity and migrate seamlessly to IPv6

The NFWare Virtual Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) is a high-performance software-based solution for transparent address and protocol translation. It allows service providers to extend their IPv4 networks quickly and enables a smooth transition to IPv6.

NFWare CGNAT works as a Virtual Machine on top of standard x86 server and a hypervisor, thus providing flexibility and cost-efficiency for small and large deployments.
Carrier Grade NAT (CGN or CGNAT), also known as Large Scale NAT (LSN) is a way of solving the problem of the limited supply of IP addresses available in IPv4's 32-bit address space. It uses translator devices embedded in the operator's network to change private network addresses into public IPv4 addresses. This enables the sharing of small pools of public addresses among multiple end sites, thus greatly expanding the capacity of the existing network.
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Carrier Grade NAT
Fits operators of any size
Local ISP
A modern solution that solves the IPv4 exhaustion problem without the need to rent and buy IP-addresses
  • A Cost-effective solution: a flexible annual subscription model
  • No dependence on buying or renting IP-addresses
  • Ease of deployment in a few days, rather than months
  • Installing on standard x86 servers: no special hardware needed
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing - pay only for that you actually have in use
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Large Telecom Operator
A NFV/cloud-native, high-performance and fully scalable solution to processing hundreds of Gbps traffic
  • NFV-native and Cloud-native solution developed for the virtual environment from the day one
  • A high-performance solution, capable of processing up to 370 Gbps per instance
  • A smart resource utilization approach with a smaller hardware footprint
  • Easy scalable - hours instead of days
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Carrier Grade NAT - Performance and Features

Deployment Options
  • VNF (Virtual Network Function)
    vCGNAT is purpose-built for virtualized and cloud environments. An integration with any VNF Manager and NFV Orchestration is always smooth and completed within a short time frame.

    vCGNAT is officially Open Source MANO (OSM) compatible Virtual Network Function.

  • On top of x86 servers
    and hypervisor
    The vCGNAT VM instance can be deployed on a standard x86 COTS server with a standard server operating system (CentOS/Ubuntu). For this option, it is required to use a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor.
  • VPP / Plugin
    Although VPP offers its standard open source Network Address Translation solution, there is limited functionality and a lack of performance.

    NFWare vCGNAT brings all its values and features to the VPP space and could be provided as a VPP-plugin, ready to be installed to the current VPP infrastructure.
What's being said
It's all about CAPEX reduction, growing a customer base, flexibility and simplicity.
Brsk, UK
"NFWare have been great to work with all round, they have a very competitively priced CGNAT solution with excellent performance that's been easy to test and then deploy in production. It's a relatively simple and so far, very reliable platform that takes very little overhead for our NOC team to maintain. Overall we're very impressed."
Head of Networks at Brsk
Telefonica, Spain
"NFWare´s CGNAT test demonstrates the feasibility of data plane intensive virtual network functions and constitutes a message for the industry that foster a healthier ecosystem of providers."
Head of Network Virtualization Technology & Strategy at Telefónica Global CTO unit
FSM Telecom, Micronesia
"NFWare virtual CGNAT allows us to expand our ADSL customer base without the need for additional IPv4 address space from APNIC, and the reallocation/repurposing of existing IPv4 address space"
IT Manager at FSM Telecom
Tinkoff Mobile, Russia
"Tinkoff Mobile's subscribers base has grown 5 times over the year, and we plan to keep this pace. The NFWare solution will become an additional element of our infrastructure and will help us to actively grow in the coming years"
CTO at Tinkoff Mobile
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