EANTC Confirmed NFWare Virtual CGNAT Is Ready For Large-Scale Deployments

Performance tests proved NFWare's outstanding performance: 230 Gbps and 100M sessions on Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server and dual Intel® Xeon® Gold 6252 processors

The European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) today published the performance and scalability test results of the NFWare Virtual CGNAT. NFWare performed excellently and demonstrated outstanding performance and capabilities: 230 Gbps (1520 Bytes frame size), 88 million packets per second (260 Bytes frame size), and 100M concurrent sessions in a NAT 444 scenario. EANTC confirmed that the VNF is ready for large-scale deployment across CSP's networks.

For the tests, EANTC used a Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server and dual Intel® Xeon® Gold 6252 processors (@ 2.10 GHz, 24 cores). The Virtual Infrastructure Management was supported by Red Hat OSP 13. Lenovo leveraged its organic Lenovo Open Cloud automation toolsets for the rapid deployment of the OpenStack environment.

The tests placed a strong focus on the three main indicators (KPIs): traffic throughput, session establishment rate, and maximum concurrent sessions. Beyond that, EANTC validated an effective utilization of the compute node networking capacity and of the compute node processing capacity.
"In our evaluation, NFWare Virtual CGNAT demonstrated outstanding scalability and performance in NAT44 scenarios, clearly showing its readiness for tier-1 service provider IPv4 network address translation."
— Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director, EANTC
Industry's concerns about a lack of performance of NFV-based solutions have arisen during the last six years. To address that challenge, NFWare has developed its technology for fast packet processing, allowing it to process up to 10x more traffic on a single virtual machine.

The NFWare Virtual CGNAT helps service providers to solve the IPv4 exhaustion problem and smoothly migrate to IPv6. This solution has been previously deployed at various wireline and wireless CSPs in the United States, Europe, Central Asia, and the Asia-Pacific region.
At NFWare, we are focused on high-performance virtual solutions from day one. We have confirmed NFWare's outstanding performance in numerous live deployments, and it has now been verified by EANTC, which is internationally recognized as an objective test center.
— Alexander Britkin, CEO at NFWare

EANTC (European Advanced Networking Test Center) is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading independent test centers for telecommunication technologies. Based in Berlin, Germany, the company has offered vendor-neutral consultancy and realistic, reproducible, and high-quality testing services since 1991. Customers include leading network equipment manufacturers, tier-1 service providers, large enterprises, and governments worldwide. EANTC's proof of concept, acceptance tests, and network audits cover established and next-generation fixed and mobile network technologies.

About NFWare

NFWare is a developer of high-performance network software for telecom operators and internet companies based on the technology of Network Function Virtualization (NFV). We enable customers to build a flexible and efficient infrastructure. The vendor's solutions - Virtual CGNAT and Virtual Load Balancer– are software products that run on standard servers and processes traffic as fast as expensive specialized network equipment from incumbent vendors. Since its founding in 2014, NFWare has launched multiple commercial deployments in the United States, Europe, Central Asia, and the Asia-Pacific region. Further, NFWare is an associate member of Intel Network Builders, Nokia CloudBand, and HP OpenNFV.

A report detailing all the test methodology and results can be obtained from EANTC at http://www.eantc.de/public-reports.html
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