NFWare vADC (Load Balancer) is a Leading VNF Product according to SDxCentral's report

California, USA
NFWare vADC is featured in SDxCentral's latest industry report on network functions virtualization (NFV). SDxCentral is the fastest-growing and leading B2B digital media company for cloud, enterprise, and telecom IT infrastructure. The researchers highlight NFWare vADC as a leading VNF product.

The NFWare Virtual ADC solution presented in the report is designed as a virtual appliance that maximizes availability and performance of network applications and improves their performance and safety. In addition to Layer 4 based load balancing, vADC balances traffic based on Layer 7 HTTP application information like URL, HTTP cookies, or any other HTTP request information. It improves application performance by offloading web servers from SSL processing, and it also provides DDoS mitigation capabilities that enhance application availability.

Network Virtualization Report 2018 describes the top three use cases for NFWare vADC, such as LoadBalancer-as-a-service for cloud environment, improving application response, and improving security.

In addition to highlighting the most interesting solutions from leading vendors, Network Virtualization Report provides an update on the VNF market and key trends in 2018. It focuses on business benefits from deploying VNFs, VNF migration challenges, prognostication for 2018, and market dynamics.

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