NFWare is featured as one of the Top 5 NFV solutions according to StartUS

StartUs Insights analysts featured NFWare solutions as top 5 network function virtualization solutions that have influence on the telecom industry among other 110 promising companies that offer NFV solutions. The research was based on a data-driven startup scouting approach.

In addition to highlighting 5 top leading solutions from 110 network function virtualization startups, StartUs Insights provides The Global Startup Heat Map that demonstrates the geographic distribution of all analyzed companies.
Heat Map: 5 Top Network Function Virtualization Solutions
NFWare is an innovative network software vendor which develops the world's fastest virtualized packet processing technology for Service Providers and Data Centers which processes traffic at the speed of hardware, while running on standard x86 servers. NFWare software-based NFV technology provides a level of performance and reliability which was historically associated only with dedicated proprietary hardware.

NFWare Virtual CGNAT that was researched by StartUs Insights is a high-performance NFV-based solution that is deployed by leading service providers for transparent address and protocol translation.

StartUs Insights is a global data science company based in Austria that specializes in solving discovery challenges by providing a high performant discovery platform covering over 1.379.000 startups & scaleups. StartUS helps companies to identify and pinpoint relevant solutions and technologies quickly & exhaustively that could potentially become the best candidates for pilots, partnerships, PoCs, or investments.

Learn more about the research here. And If you want to learn more about NFWare solutions detailed information, request a datasheet now.
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